The Crossover Projekt:

The Crossover Projekt‘s main purpose is to build bridges. The project was created after recognizing that young dancers are often not fully equipped to enter the professional world upon completion of their dance training. They often lack the know-how, professional network and financial means to travel from audition to audition, or lack the courage to simply approach a choreographer they would like to work with.

Likewise, it is often difficult for young choreographers to find the necessary infrastructures to develop their work. The Crossover Projekt is aimed to fulfill the needs of both the choreographers and dancers, therefore creating networks and starting blocks. It provides a platform for these artists to present themselves and their works on stage.

In 2014, the Crossover Projekt included 11 dancers and 6 guest choreographers, which created, together with Isabel Gotzkowsky, a program of short dance works, that was presented a total of 12 times, in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Tübingen, Prag and Kempten.

This year, we are working with 8 dancers and 5 guest choreographers and will present the new work September 3 - 6 in Berlin and September 11 - 13 in Hamburg.

This year we will present the following artists as our creative partners:

Theresa von Hunoltstein (Hamburg)
Nanna Holst (Denmark)
Dagmar Spain (Berlin, Prague and New York)
Heidi Weiss (Berlin and USA)
Jon Zimmerman (Berlin)

Our dancers 2015:

Assi Pakanen
Floris Dahlgrün
Juliette Rahon
Mona Isabel Suck
Susanna Ylikoski
Tamara Schindler
Sara Maria Usignoli
Zenia Helene Madsen

and guest performer Jay DeYonker

More information:

The Crossover Projekt gets divided in two categories: The dancers and the choreographers

In the fall of 2013 we held an audition for dancers to participate and were overwhelmed by the response from dancers from all over German and even the USA, who were interested in participating. We selected a diverese group of 10 dancers, who worked with us from early January until mid-March, creating several new works, which were presented throughout Germany in the spring 2014.

At the same time there was a call for choreographers to participate by either performing a piece of their repertory, or by creating a new piece, working with "our" dancers. Here as well, the response was greater than expected, with choreographers from all over Europe applying to be part of the project. The project aims to give these choreographers (established and emerging) the opportunity to present their work in places they have not been seen before, as well as connecting them with dancers, fellow choreographers and presenters.

in 2014 we presented the following artists as our creative partners:

Tanzkompanie Bo-Komplex (Bonn)
Agnetha Jaunich (Bremerhafen)
Salvatore Siciliano (Italien/Berlin)
Dagmar Spain (New York/Prag)
and our dancers and aspiring choreographers
Nanna Holst (Dänemark) and Ronja Häring (Berlin) with their first Choreografie and
Stefanie Tübinger (Tübingen) with a solo

plus Todd Courage, who's new piece was included in the Prague and Kempten performances in September and October 2014.

Our dancers 2014:

Nils Freyer
Ronja Haering
Nanna Holst
Theresa von Hunoltstein
Cathrin Jensen
Maria Nielsen
Rachel Tack
Stefanie Tuebinger
Ulrike Tuch
Marie Zechiel
and Jon Zimmerman

The program for 2014 included the following works:

"Points of Departure", by Isabel Gotzkowsky. The first draft and shorter version of this piece was conceived and created in the fall of 2012 in New York, when Gotzkowsky returned to her second home for a project with IGaF, her NY dance company. "Points of Departure" was expanded, reworked and personalized with the Crossover dancers. It reflects on past connections and relationships..... looks back, remembers.

"aufbruch" (Departure) also by Isabel Gotzkowsky, with major creative input from Jon Zimmerman, and including all 9 Crossover female dancers. “aufbruch” be at a crossroads, a journey, farewell, new beginnings, expectations. hopes, disappointments, curiosity..... our daily companions, especially during times of change. Encounters with new people, sometimes meaningful, sometimes just fleeting...... those are the themes we are including in this work. The result: un unsettling work, at times chaotic and almost angry, at times surprisingly tender, if only for the briefest moment. A journey into the unkown..... with all its implications.

"es ist wie es ist" (it is what it is), is a repertory piece by Tanzkompanie bo komplex, set on two Crossover dancers. In „es ist wie es ist“ the two dancers create their own environment. This small island of space becomes a metaphor for the space their relationship occupies, internal and externally. A dancing dialoge ensues.

"The Doors" , created by Salvatore Siciliano, is a short new work created with and four Crossover dancers.
"The Doors" is inspired by the story of bluebird. The opposing characters of day and night observe, touch and fascinate each other. Both would like to obtain the key to the portal of the world, but we dream at night and exacltly during this time the absurd realities of life, which are created by our minds, become visible.

"Innerer Aufstand" (Inner Turmoil), created by Agnetha Jaunich, is a short-story for five Crossover dancers. In this work we look at our personal emotional space, the rebellious, quirky and eccentric part of us. The dancers are searching for and embracing their inner rebel.

Excerpts of "'re in my space" , originally an evenling-length production, created by Dagmar Spain, which premiered in Prague in the fall of 2013.

"chapter three, first phase”, a short duet and first choreography by and with Crossover dancers Ronja Häring and Nanna Holst

"Antrieb" (Incentive), a first work and solo by Crossover dancer Stefanie Tübinger

and the The Benediction by Todd Courage.

Performance Schedule:


September 11 & 12 at 8 pm, September 13 at 6 pm, 2015
Hamburger Sprechwerk: Three evenings with three different programs

September 3 - 6, 2015, 8 pm
theaterforum kreuzberg, Berlin: Four evenings, two programs.

Program A, September 3 & 5:
Dagmar Spain, Heidi Weiss, Jon Zimmerman & Isabel Gotzkowsky

Program B, September 4 & 6:
Theresa von Hunoltstein, Nanna Holst, Jon Zimmerman & Isabel Gotzkowsky


November 1st, 2014:
Tanzprobebühne marameo, Berlin

October 17, 2014 at 8 pm:
Kemptener TANZHerbst

September 25 & 26, 2014 at 8 pm:
Ponec, Prague: A shared program with Dagmar Spain

Past Performances:

April 10 - 12, 2014 at 7 pm:
Uferstudios Berlin: Three evenings with three different programs, featuring all Crossover guest artists

April 5 & 6 2014, from 10 am - 2:30 pm:
Workshops for the local dance community in Tübingen

April 3rd & 4th 2014 at 8 pm:
Werkstatt Landestheater Tübingen

March 13 - 15, 2014 at 8 pm:
Hamburger Sprechwerk: Three evenings with three different programs

February 23rd 2014:
Renown dance institution and theatre Kampnagel organizes a day of events at Triade Hamburg and Hamburger Sprechwerk, to showcase Hamburg Artists and those who are presenting work in Hamburg in 2014.

We offered excerpts of Points of Departure as well as of the work in progress aufbruch, next to many other artists.


We plan to continue the project on an annual basis and to accumulate a wide selection of partners, artists, schools and presenters alike. If you are interested in getting more information, or to register for the audition for next year, please write Isabel at or give her a call at 0151.23483718.

The Crossover Projekt is currently not receiving funding yet, therefore we would be most appreciative of your support. To that end, we have created a kickstarter campaign.