Train with our highly qualified dancers who are also educators!!!

Isabel and company members offer a variety of Personal Training options. Train with one of our exceptional teachers in the convenience and comfort of your home.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Isabel at and specify whether you are interested in Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training, Cardio Training, Private Dance Classes or Massage.

We will be most happy to design a program that fits your needs.

If you are looking for a dance instructor for your school or institution please specify the style you are seeking to have taught and the age group of your dancers/students.

Emily Gayeski: Pilates

Aaron Selissen: Personal Training, Yoga, Ballet and Modern Dance

Stephanie Landouer: Ballet and Modern for children and adults

Isabel Gotzkowsky: Pilates, Personal Training and Modern Dance

Jon Zimmerman: Pilates, Personal Training, Modern Dance and Partnering

Katie Aggen: Pilates and Modern Dance

Kyla Barkin: Personal Training, Yoga, Modern Dance and Improvisation

Marie Douesnard: Pilates, Ballet and Modern Dance

Seth Miner: Personal Training and Modern Dance